poetry by Risen group member Alison.


Music and recording by Andrew Millar


LINDA LEWIS, Poetic sketching

I have been mulling over our theme “Adrift Together” and the images that come to mind. At first I let the ideas free flow onto paper, without any attempt to edit them because I wanted to get them all down. Following that I wrote the poem.

Linda Lewis  July 18th 2015

Millions of broken pieces cast into space.Tumbling, twisting, turning, plummeting, plunging, swirling, sparkling, glittering, shimmering.

Lights like fireflies on a black canvas.

Blobs of mercury splitting, separating, adrift and apart; falling through darkness, melting away from each other, swelling, malleable, breaking off from each other, coming back together, bonding, coalescing.

Shoals of silver fish, like small darts/arrows. A shock, like a bomb, from the world above, scatters them, throws them apart, hurls them into oblivion, into isolation, alone and dark and cold; then, pinpricks of brightness through the turbulence and the blackness, the churning sea, converging, joining together for safety, a light in the dark.

An explosion from a well of pain, deep, deep down inside……….casting out, settling and coming back together.

Metaphors for recovery…..

Adrift Together

a blob of quicksilver

on a frozen wasteland of oblivion.

Cast out –

for wearing the wrong shoes in primary school,

and saying the wrong things to the wrong people

at the wrong time.

For not looking right.

For being ginger,

with a big nose

and a farmyard of freckles.

For wearing specs with a patch.

Cast out –

for being afraid –

unable to look people in the eye,

to say who I am.

For not knowing who I am

and for needing a drink or a drug

to hide – to be seen –

to  be heard.

 Cast out –

alone and blind,

hurled amongst a maelstrom

of lost souls, searching,

shimmering dancers

on a black canvas,

not seeing,

not knowing,

splitting, drifting, glowing,,

shining, fading

then coming together,






Adrift together.

Linda Lewis  July 18th 2015


RISEN. LIC. NOVEMBER 3, 2015. edited by Mel, Andy (20)