Improvisation on theme of breath, meditation…here is a short film made after a rehearsal at Liverpool Improvisation Collective:  EXHALATION

At Liverpool Improvisation Collective studio, August 4th, 2015.


‘Ways in, ways out’

“The chains are locked and tied across the door”

A lyric line from the song Helpless by Neil Young. That locked door is something heard and spoken about a lot when people talk about their stories of alcoholism and drug use. Locked in, locked out. Safe, isolated. Paranoid of the knock on the door.  Arriving at the door and buzzing in on the intercom to score. Maybe even to make amends to a person. Heart pounding, time stands still and is still an eternity.

William Blake wrote about cleansing the doors of perception in our mind.

A lot can change passing through a doorway.

As Ali remarked when we were considering it in the LIC rehearsal room, It’s a portal in and out, into and away from.

A juxtaposition of film, sound and light.
3 Nokia phone video recordings, kept brief and unrehearsed.
A recording from the writer William Burroughs talking about ‘dreams in correspondence with the future’, (1986).
Moving a camera through the space and rhythm of the rehearsal room at Liverpool Improvisational Collective.
First thoughts recorded about using the space and frame of a doorway. Tuesday July 21, 2015

The music at the end is ‘Butterfly Blood’ written, performed and recorded by Andrew Millar.

First work on film

Text from ‘There Is A Solution‘ AA 4th edition.  The starting point for the idea of Adrift Together.

Messing With Time Space written and narrated by by Andrew Millar from fragments of ideas expressed by Risen dance members at our Digital Storytelling first planning meeting in Liverpool.

Music composed, performed by Andrew Millar.