It’s Only Words

When Fallen Angels Dance Theatre performer Linda Lewis, she of the flame hair, bohemian style and one of the most graceful pirouettes I’ve ever seen, wrote a powerful piece of poetry, little did she know that the words seemingly birthed from the depths of her artistic soul would go on to inspire an entire performance piece based on the themes of Family and Recovery.

Entitled “Adrift Together”, her poem has been selected by the company to be our ongoing theme, for we are all adrift together in this great ocean we call life and recovery.

Adrift Together

“Shoals of shattered parts cast into space;
twisting, turning.
Plummeting, plunging pieces,
slicing darkness;
glittering, glowing,
sparkling, shimmering, swirling;
fireflies on black canvas.
Blobs of quicksilver
splitting and separating,
adrift; apart
and falling through night;
melting away, then
swelling, malleable,
breaking off,

Silver fish, like darts
scattered in shock,
thrown apart – hurled into oblivion,
isolated –
alone and dark and cold;
then –
pinpricks of brightness
through turbulence and blackness;
buttons of light in a churning sea,
clinging together;
a loving embrace in murky waters.

Explosions of warmth from a well of pain,
deep, deep down inside……….

dancers casting out, reaching for
hands to hold,
becoming whole.”

– Linda Lewis

Over the last few weeks, we have been rehearsing every Tuesday morning at The Bluecoat Gallery on School Lane, Liverpool. A lot of our work is improvised and many of the performers often agree that they perform best in that format. Recently, we have been working on synchronising movement with breath. We also introduced words such as “reach” and explored how one could reach with one’s body – but in a non-conventional fashion. In layman’s terms, this could mean leading the body with the head, or perhaps a knee or foot – not necessarily by merely extending an arm.

Each week we are challenged to push ourselves, to think beyond the confines of the conventional and to build on the skills and techniques we gather as we go (or should that be grow?)

There isn’t a week that goes by that I’m not astounded by the strength, talent, creativity, vulnerability and dignity of my fellows. I leave every class inspired. We regularly video our sessions and take photographs, which are remarkably useful tools for self-development and constructive critique. Online media allows us to post content on our Facebook page which often prompts stimulating and free flowing discussions and exchanges. The creativity isn’t confined to the LCI rehearsal space, it leaves with us every Tuesday afternoon (often being the catalyst for lengthy discussions over coffee as we dissect what we have done and propose inspiration and plans for future projects). Having moved to Liverpool last year barely knowing a soul, I am highly aware of how privileged I am to be a part of a growing creative community and movement within Liverpool.

On the theme of illumination, I’d say “the future’s bright”. Whether it is orange remains to be seen but whatever the hue, it promises to be colourful.

Ian Brown



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